IEEE 1284 EPP/ECP Compatible Product List

This is a list of products that support one or more modes of the IEEE 1284 standard. This list is not complete and will be updated as new product information becomes available. No attempt has been made to verify the compliance claims of the companies or the products listed. Many of these products are compatible with various 1284 modes, but not compliant with the full 1284 specification.

For any corrections, additions, or deletions, please send mail to Larry Stein.

Product development, consulting and training
W91284PIC Peripheral Interface Controller IC- 1284/Negotiation w/Device_ID/Compatible/Byte/Nibble/EPP/ECP, Daisy Chaining
W91284PIC Peripheral Interface Controller Macrocell- for OEMs 1284/Negotiation w/Device_ID/Compatible/Byte/Nibble/EPP/ECP, Daisy Chaining
IEEE 1284 Device Driver Kit for Windows 95, 98, NT 3.51, NT 4 and 2000
1284Port ISA Card - 1284 Level II I/O, Type C connector, EPP/ECP
F/PortPlus ISA Card - EPP/ECP/BI-DI - discontinued
WarpExpress ISA Card - EPP/ECP/BI-DI
all/IO ISA Card - EPP/ECP/BI-DI - discontinued
F/Port ISA Card - EPP/BI-DI/Custom
F/Mux, Parallel Port Multiplexor - EPP/ECP/BI-DI

Mini-SCSI EPP adapter - EPP

Apple LaserWriter 16/600PS Parallel interface

MobilStor tape Backup - BI-DI/EPP

Cirrus Logic
CL-CD1283 Peripheral Controller I/F - ECP, EPP, BI-DI
CL-CD1284 Peripheral Controller I/F - ECP, EPP, BI-DI + 2 high-speed serial channels
DHA-Rx36-xxxx - IEEE 1284 Type C connectors

Portable Hard drive - EPP/Daisy Chain
RoadRunner Express CD ROM - EPP/ECP/Daisy Chain
Roadrunner PD/Edge 650MB Read/Write CD - EPP/ECP/Daisy Chain
34C60 Peripheral Interface - EPP/ECP/Daisy Chain
CCD line scan cameras

Fairchild Semiconductor Corp
74ACT1284 1284 Transceiver - 5 volt, 7 bits
74LVX161284 1284 Transceiver 3 volt, 19 bits
74VHC161284 1284 Transceiver
74VHC161284 1284 Transceiver 5 volt, 19 bits

PSN 22/41/42 Printer sharing devices - Nibble

FarPoint Communications
See Warp Nine Engineering

PrintPartner 4000/8000 laser printers - Nibble

1284 Protocol Analyzer - ECP/EPP/BI-DI
Host and Peripheral Conformance Tests- All Modes

LaserJet 5P/5MP - Level II I/F, BI-DI
LaserJet 5si - 1284/ECP/BI-DI
LaserJet 5L - 1284/ BI-DI
LaserJet 4 Family Printers - Nibble
OfficeJet - Nibble
DeskJet 560/1200C - ECP
DeskJet 540, 6xx series, 8xx series - Nibble, ECP
DeskJet 600 family - 1284/ECP
DeskJet 850/855 family - 1284/ECP
DeskJet 870 CXI/CSE - 1284/ECP

HP Colorado Memory division
Trakker Tape backup - BI-DI

Intel Corp.
AIP 82091AA I/O Controller - EPP/ECP/BI-DI

PPA-3, SCSI adapter - EPP
zip 100 Parallel Port Drive - EPP/BI-DI

Silent Hawk 3 - IEEE 1284 Protocol Analyzer. Captures ECP, EPP, Byte, Nibble &Compatibility protocol and data. Identifies ECP RLE vs CMD and EPP Address Vs Data. $3,495.00

TMD650 EPP to PCMCIA Reader/Writer - EPP/BI-DI

4039 series printers/ MarkVision - Byte/Nibble
MarkNet XLe Print Server - Byte/Nibble/ECP
Optra and Optra Plus Printer family - Byte/Nibble/ECP

PageScan Color scanner - EPP/ECP

microcom DeskPorte FAST (tm) modem -- EPP, ECP

Backpack portable tape backup - Bi-di/EPP
Backpack portable CD - Bi-di/EPP
Backpack portable Hard drive - Bi-di/EPP

Mountain Network Solutions
File Safe Sidecar Tape drive - Bi-di

NS486SXF Embedded 486 Controller with 1284 support
PC87322: EPP(1.7 only)/Bi-di (also FDC, 16550x2, IDE) OBSOLETE DO NOT USE
PC87332: EPP/ECP/Bi-di (also FDC, 16550x2, IDE)
PC87334: EPP/ECP/Bi-di (also FDC, 16550x2, IDE, 115Kbs Infrared)
PC87332: EPP/ECP/Bi-di (also FDC, 16550x2, IDE, 115Kbs Infrared)
PC87336: EPP/ECP/Bi-di (also FDC, 16550x2, 115Kbs Infrared) PC'95, PNP
PC87338: EPP/ECP/Bi-di (also FDC, 16550x2, 115Kbs-4Mbs Infrared) PC'95,PNP
PC97338: EPP/ECP/Bi-di (also FDC, 16550x2, 115Kbs-4Mbs Infrared) PC'97,PNP
PC87303: EPP/ECP/Bi-di (also FDC, 16550x2, IDE, KBC, RTC) PC'95
PC87323: Same as PC87303 but with RAM based KBC
PC87306: EPP/ECP/Bi-di (also FDC, 16550x2, IDE, 115Kbs Infrared, KBC, RTC), PC'95
PC87307: EPP/ECP/Bi-di (also FDC, 16550x2, 115Kbs Infrared, KBC, RTC), PC'95, PNP
PC97307: EPP/ECP/Bi-di (also FDC, 16550x2, 115Kbs Infrared, KBC, RTC), PC'97, PNP
PC87308: EPP/ECP/Bi-di (also FDC, 16550x2, 115Kbs-4Mbs Infrared, KBC, RTC), PC'95, PNP
PC87317: EPP/ECP/Bi-di (also FDC, 16550x2, 115Kbs Infrared, KBC, RTC), PC'97, PNP
PC87309: EPP/ECP/Bi-di (also FDC, 16550x2, 115Kbs Infrared, KBC) PC'97, PNP

EPP/SCSI Interface Controller - EPP/Bi-di

DirectParallel cable - EPP/ECP
1284 Development Kits

2030 - serial to parallel converter


1060, 1660 Laser Printers - EPP/ ECP/Nibble
Printers -- 2060, 2425, 4060, Magicolor CX

SPP-100 -- PCMCIA EPP card

RT6000 Parallel Port to CD ROM + sound
RT8000F Parallel to SCSI- EPP/ECP
RT8010F Parallel to Floppy Controller - EPP
RT8020i Parallel to EIDE (ATAPI) Adapter
RT9000i Parallel port accelerator board
RT90C24 Integrated circuit, printer port sharing

TapeStor 800, 850 Travan tape backup - Bi-di/EPP

Shuttle Technology
Pocket SCSI Adapter Kit - EPP
IDE, SCSI Floppy Controller Chips - EPP
EPP Enhancer Board - EPP

SGI O2 Workstation supports the IEEE-1284 ECP bi-directional parallel port standard.

AirLAN, Wireless LAN - EPP

FDC37C665/666 I/O Controller - EPP/ECP/Bi-di

Phaser series color printers - Bi-di, 1284 Type C connector

Texas Instruments
microLaser Pro 600 Printer - ECP/Nibble
74ACT1284 Driver/Receiver IC - Level II Electrical spec

ViCAM LPTx Digital Camera - EPP

PPC2 Multimedia camera - ECP/Nibble

Optical Fiber Testers (OTDR) - Nibble/Bi-di/EPP/Daisy Chain
Domino Internetwork Analyzers- Nibble/Bi-di/EPP/Daisy Chain

Pocket Ethernet adapter PE3 - EPP
Pocket Ethernet and Modem PEM - EPP
Pocket Token Ring adapter PT3- EPP

3M Corp.
Cable Assemblies

The following platforms support EPP, including BIOS support:
Ascentia 900N

Contura Aero

Latitude XP
Latitude M Series

EPP BIOS driver provided with I/O cards.

Gateway 2000

EduQuest 55

Versa M75
Versa P75
Versa 50



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