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Warp Nine's line of IEEE 1284 compliant cable assemblies offer the highest quality and level of performance available for parallel port communication. New standards for high-speed parallel port connectivity require standards compliant cables. IEEE 1284 is the standard signaling blueprint for high speed bi-directional parallel port PC connectivity. The IEEE Std. 1284-1994 standard specifies new communications protocols capable of greater than 5 MB per second. This is nearly 200 times faster than the older PC's printer port. This level of data communication requires high quality cable assemblies.

Top Quality

Warp Nine's FP/1284 Cables are made with top quality twisted pair conductors, foil shield, and braid to ensure data integrity and flawless throughput. These cable assemblies are designed to match the impedance of the 1284 interface and to provide minimum skew and signal delay. FP/1284 Cables are made with a minimum of 85% optical braid coverage over the foil shield, and each signal pair is twisted up to 36 turns per meter.

Choice of Connectors

FP/1284 Cables come standard with user choice of any combination of Type A (DB25), Type B (Centronics 36 pin), and Type C (36 pin mini-connector) connectors, each finished with molded connector covers.

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FP-AMAM Type A Male to Type A Male
FP-AMAF Type A Male to Type A Female
FP-AB Type A Male to Type B Plug
FP-AC Type A Male to Type C Plug
FP-BC Type B Plug to Type C Plug
FP-CC Type C Plug to Type C Plug


  • Type A -- DB25 Male or Female Connectors with thumb screws
  • Type B -- Standard Centronics style 36-pin ribbon connector plug
  • Type C -- Miniature 36-pin connector with clip latches
  • Guaranteed data integrity at distances up to 30 feet
  • 3, 6, 10, 20/25, or 30 foot lengths (varies by cable type)
  • Custom lengths available
  • IEEE 1284 standard compliant
  • Connects to IEEE 1284 parallel port, printer Centronics ports or peripheral EPP/ECP ports
  • 85% optical braid with foil shield
  • Twisted pair conductors
  • 3 year warranty

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