W91284PIC Development Board

Speed up your product development with the W91284PIC Development Kit

The W91284PIC development board provides a peripheral port for connecting to a host PC and a pass-through port for connecting to a downstream printer or other parallel port peripheral.

Using your PC you can model and test your peripheral application. The simple ISA card provides a convenient way to get product started.

The development kit includes the following items:

  • W91284PIC Development Board
  • Sample DOS code and test utility
  • Cable - IEEE 1284 AMAF-10


  • ISA card
  • Supports PC interrupts and DMA
  • Enables PC to look like a parallel port peripheral
  • Provides platform for system development
  • Test points for all parallel port host and pass-through signals. Made for logic analyzers.
  • Has Host port and Pass-through port
  • ISA interface chip can be modified to meet your system requirements.

Price & Availability

Item: 510-0062

Price: $499.00

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