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QualityLogic™ (formerly Genoa Technology) IEEE 1284 Test Tools

If you are implementing Nibble, Byte, ECP or EPP communication modes for the IEEE 1284 bi-directional interface, QualityLogic has the test solutions you need. Whether you are building a host or peripheral device or writing device drivers working with this interface, you know how difficult it is to fully test the 1284 protocols and isolate protocol violations. QualityLogic has developed a series of test suites and a protocol analyzer to fully test and debug all the modes of this industry standard interface.

  • 1284 Test Suites - Complete Conformance Testing
    QualityLogic's test suites are PC-based software programs that simulate either a host or peripheral. The test suite device emulator (host or peripheral) is used to create and execute test scenarios that elicit deterministic responses from the device under test. All responses (events & phases) by the device under test are analyzed for conformance to the protocol with detailed diagnostic reports generated. The test suites also provide protocol coverage and event timing analysis, time-out and illegal state detection, the ability to generate customized test traffic to force device violations, many debugging features and much more.
  • Test Suites For All Modes Available:
    Nibble Peripheral Test Suite
    Nibble Host Test Suite
    Byte Peripheral Test Suite
    Byte Host Test Suite
    ECP Peripheral Test Suite
    ECP Host Test Suite
    EPP Peripheral Test Suite
    EPP Host Test Suite
  • IEEE 1284 Protocol Analyzer - Detailed Diagnostics of 1284 Traffic
    QualityLogic's IEEE 1284 Protocol Analyzer is a PC Windows 3.1 based protocol analysis program. A logic analyzer is used in conjunction with the Protocol Analyzer to capture 1284 events and data traffic. Provides complete 1284 conformance analysis of captured traffic with up to 1M transitions possible using the HP 16555A Logic Analyzer. All IEEE 1284 modes supported.

IEEE 1284 Protocol Analyzer Requirements

Logic Analyzers Supported
HP1661A - Transitional, State Full Channel, and State Half Channel Modes
HP1662A - Transitional, State Full Channel, and State Half Channel Modes
HP16550A - Transitional, State Full Channel, and State Half Channel Modes
HP16555A - State Full Channel Mode

  80486-based PC
Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later
VGA display and adapter (minimum)
1 MB of free hard disk space
Mouse (Microsoft or compatible) & driver

QualityLogic Inc. - 5401 Tech Circle - Moorpark, CA 93021 - USA
Phone (805) 531-9030 Fax (805) 531-9045



JadTech Corporation

Silent HawkTM III Model 1284

Price $3,895.00 (includes everything but the PC)

The Silent HawkTM III is the ideal IEEE 1284 diagnostic test tool. It will significantly reduce your bi-directional trouble-shooting time, whether in the lab or at a customer site.

  • IEEE 1284 Protocol Analysis & Data Capture tool. Three modes of operation are provided: IEEE1284 Capture Mode analyzes and captures all 1284 protocol (ECP, EPP, Nibble, Byte & Compatibility); Event Capture Mode allows analysis of 1284.3 Mux and Daisy Chain protocols and works as a 16 channel 3 MHz Asynchronous Logic Analyzer (a Binary Event Search options is available to enhance the usefulness of the Event Capture mode), and a Host Strobe Capture Mode for non-IEEE1284 (or forward data only) capture applications.
  • Up to 2,000,000,000 bytes (2 GB) of data can be captured during each capture session.
  • Captures both forward and reverse channel data and protocol. An optional MLC/1284.4 decoder analyzes MCL and 1284.4 data layer protocols, including those transmitted in Bounded ECP (BECP) mode. Underlying 1284 physical layer protocols can be displayed with the Data Layer protocols and data.
  • Software displays captured data in multiple formats.
  • Typical sustained non-intrusive data capture rates in excess of 110 Kbytes per second - PCs with higher performance parallel ports will have a higher sustained non-intrusive data capture rate. High speed capture option allows sustained data capture rates of 500,000 bytes per second. Burst capture rate is 3 Mbytes per second.
  • Price includes software connecting cables, power supply, and carrying case.


Required Capture PC IEEE-1284 or IBM AT compatible parallel port
Operating System DOS 5.0 or later
Hard Disk Space Required 2 MB minimum
RAM Requirements 512 Kbytes
DCU FIFO Capacity 4096 bytes (32k and 128 Kbytes optional)
DCU Dimensions 2.4H x 4.7W x 6.4D inches
Weight (Shipping) Less than 8 pounds

JADTech Corporation - 2200 Amapola Court, Suite 100 - Torrance, CA 90501 - USA
Phone (310) 212-0600 Fax (310) 212-0602


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