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  • Warp Nine Communications has formed a new division, Warp Nine Imaging. Warp Nine Imaging offers a wide variety of image input, photographic and web design services. Visit the new site at
  • Version 4.00 of our IEEE 1284 Driver Toolkit has been released See revision notes here.
  • We've updated our PortEnum utility! New, version 1.2 now properly displays PCI-based parallel ports. Download the utility free on our our download page.
  • The W91284PIC IC spec sheet has been updated (10/29/99). The 4.00 version of the spec sheet may be downloaded on our W91284PIC product page.
  • The W91284PIC Development Board is now available. The W91284PIC Development board turns your PC into a parallel port peripheral. View details here.
  • The W91284PIC,  an IEEE 1284 peripheral controller chip that supports 1284.3 daisy chaining, is now shipping! Please contact us to order or request samples. Details on the chip may be viewed here.
  • Our new discussion group is an open forum for our users to discuss technical issues and share helpful techniques involving Warp Nine Engineering products. The forum is a good source of information from experienced users and is also frequented by Warp Nine technical support personnel and members of the product development teams.
  • We've added a new utility, our Parallel Port Status Monitor. This utility for Windows 95/98/ME will dynamically display the state of the parallel port bits. In addition, you can click on the actual bits to manually toggle them. Click here to go to our download area.

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