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This page is an entry point for information regarding the IEEE 1284 Parallel Port Standard. Here you will find a detailed technical introduction to the standard, review a growing list of products that support the new protocols and learn more about the ongoing standards activities of the IEEE 1284.x working groups. Your feedback is always welcome; please send comments to Larry Stein.

Introduction to the IEEE 1284 Parallel Port Standard
This area provides a good introduction into the IEEE 1284 standard. From an executive summary to an in depth look at what the stadard provides and how the varios modes function.

IEEE 1284 Related Standards Activities and News
This section has the latest information on related developments in the parallel port standards area. This includes meeting notices, project status and access to the standards draft. Patent information for IEEE 1284.4 is available here.

Frequently asked questions regarding IEEE 1284 and related topics
We hope to answer some of your questions before you get into any problems.

Advances in High-Speed Parallel Port Performance and Port Sharing
New - Article and slide presentation given at IC99 Conference

List of IEEE 1284, EPP and ECP Compatible Products and Links
This is an expanding list of products that are compatible with 1284 or one of the operational modes.

Microsoft ECP Register implementation spec.
This is a copy of the Microsoft ECP Interface specification. Please note that this is NOT the ECP standard, but Microsoft's' register model implementation for a ECP Parallel Port on a PC.

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